17 - 18 April 2015


Cankarjev dom, Waldorfska šola Ljubljana


10 workshops


3 lecturers

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About / Challenges of contemporary education

The conference is intended for those who are truly and sincerely interested in the stability and the development of the future generations, it is organized for teachers and professors, as well as parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, and all the people who, in any way, influence on children.

Our modern time, with all its technological and material goods, is pushing our youth into a rapid growing up. Very soon they know the answers to many questions, are very quickly embedded into the world of communication and social life, can clearly express their opinion, and resist with determination to everything that does not suit. They want to be treated as an individual and not as a community of young people. Growing up has, in a way, become similar to growing plants in a greenhouse. On the surface everything is wonderful.

How much is there, in this, of true resistance, strength, ability to adapt to the laws of real life and healthy participation in the community? How strong are the roots and how deep the connection to one’s own identity? How much will is there, developed to overcome the obstacles that come in life? These are all questions which should be followed by contemporary pedagogy. Social insecurity needs young people, who will understand and will be able to navigate in unpredictable situations, who will be able to realize their ideas and will know how to use their hands as well, and not only their head. Their potential ought to be creativity, as they are to create their working environments. In short, we need young people, who will have a solid connection between their hands, their heart and their head.

In a healthy upbringing and education trust and control, feminine softness and an active component of masculinity intertwine equally. The atmosphere of hope gives strength to overcoming fears. The main lecturer of our conference, Sue Palmer, concludes her book “21st Century Boys” with the thought:

“… the great day finally arrives when every adult in the 21st global village acknowledge his or her personal responsibility to the next generation …”


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Inaugural Addresses and musical opening
Sue Palmer


21st Century Boys – Stone Age male nature meets high-tech, quick-fix culture of gender equality

Sue Palmer


21st Century Girls – growing up female in a screen-saturated, hyper-competitive world



Arrivals and Registration

Speakers / Lecturers

Sue Palmer

Renowned lecturer and 'a childhood activist'

David L. Brierley

Professor, lecturer and published author

Godi Keller

International lecturer, teacher and writer

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Day One & Two


17 – 18 Apr 2015
Cankarjev dom in Waldorfska šola Ljubljana
(lunch included for day 1)

Day One


17 Apr 2015
Cankarjev dom
(lunch included)

Day Two


18 Apr 2015
Waldorfska šola Ljubljana

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Location - Day One / 17 April 2015

Cankarjev dom

Prešernova cesta 10
SI-1000 Ljubljana

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Location - Day Two / 18 April 2015

Waldorfska šola Ljubljana

Streliška 12
SI-1000 Ljubljana

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